Dresden Files promo picWatching ‘The Dresden Files’ while working on today’s comics. It’s a decent show, providing you don’t associate it in any with with the ‘Dresden Files’ novels. If you do, you’ll be very disappointed because:

  1. Harry Dresden is average height and good looking in the show. In the books, he’s about 6’6″ and rather gangly-looking.
  2. Harry is driving a modern Jeep without any apparent electrical problems in the show. In the books, he drives an old VW Beetle because modern technology fails when exposed to magic.
  3. Bob is a well-spoken British guy who looks like a ghost/hologram in the show. In the books, Bob is a sex-mad, non-human spirit who lives in a skull and never manifests himself as a person.
  4. Murphy is an average-height brunette with long, curly hair in the show. Murphy is a short, cute cheerleader-lookalike Absolute Badass with long, straight blonde hair in the books. At least the show mostly got her attitude right, though.
  5. Harry’s flat is on the ground floor and massive in the show, plus his magical workshop has a door right onto the street and people can walk in without problems (a kid bursts in before the first commercial break and very specifically *doesn’t* *die*). In the books, Harry’s workshop is in the sub-basement, accessed via a trapdoor and he lives in the cramped basement of a run-down brownstone building. His house is warded against every bad thing imaginable and passing over the threshold without taking down the wards will kill you.

To be honest, this show looks more like ‘Elementary’ than ‘Dresden Files’. It’s fun but they may as well have saved on the licencing fee for the characters because the show would not have suffered with a few name changes.