The year is 2425 and humanity has taken to the stars. On one of the inner colonies, a terrible new disease has been unleashed. It infects people without any visible symptoms, and it corrupts their seed. Many of their children are born mutants, a hybrid of human and animal; or human and something else.

These mutants are regarded as freaks. Fearing for the safety of the human race in the face of these new hybrids, mutants are segregated; kept out of most of the core systems and almost all of the outer colonies. Forced to eek out a meagre survival, many mutants become criminals, or take jobs as bounty hunters to hunt down the criminals no one else will go after. These are the lucky ones. Most mutants are killed at birth, or upon their mutation being detected in utero.

One such bounty hunter is Natalia Jorovich, part woman, part rabbit. She is known to her fellow hunters as the “Bounty Bunny”. This is her story.

Bounty Bunny is a continuing series on Ink Proof Cannon with new episodes appearing every Monday.

Main Cast

  • Natalia Jorovich (Human/rabbit hybrid)
  • Rekis Fielding (Human/bat hybrid)


  1. Down on Johnson