In the 82nd century, the races of Humanity span the galaxy. Empires have risen, fallen and risen again during the never-ending expansion of humanity into the distant corners of the reachable universe.

Now a new empire is rising, centred around the ancient home world of mankind. Its people claim their core worlds have never fallen to outsiders, never been burdened by the disease of defeat. They call themselves the Solar Republic and their capital orbits Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun.

The Solar Republic seeks to bring glory back to mankind by uniting the disparate entities on myriad worlds under one banner. They believe that only through the combined strength of a united humanity can mankind’s true destiny be realised. Naturally, many cultures disagree.

The Four Species of Man

Mankind itself has not been without change during this period. Where once there was one species, now there are many; each adapted to suit the environment in which it finds itself. The genus of Humanity now plays host to four main species:

The biologicals are the descendants of the original human race. Although they pride themselves on their adherence to their human origins, genetic manipulation has produced so many different versions of human that the biologicals’ prideful boast of being “the original mankind” rings hollow on most worlds.

The Lorentz Droids began as those who saw digitisation as the key to humanity but who did not want to fully embrace the ethereal. Now the descendants of the original Lorentzians are digital consciousnesses in robotic bodies; usually androids but not always. Some of the original Lorentz Droids are rumoured to still be out there, exploring the galaxy, but sightings are increasingly rare and most claims to “original” status are mere deceptions.

The Open Citizenry embraced digitisation in its extreme and now exist as computerised consciousnesses, floating in their own personal universes inside vast computer networks. Citizens are rarely encountered outside of their virtual worlds, which have been mostly closed off to “meatspace” since the collapse of the Beringean Estate in 7621. Those Citizens who do venture out into the real world do so either by becoming Lorentz Droids, or existing as Digital Ghosts for the extent of their stay.

The Posthuman Elite are creatures that are not fully documented by the various Nations of Man. What is known about them is mostly from rumour and speculation on the worlds bordering the Great Barrier; a region of space that is impassable by large physical objects such as the biologicals’ spacecraft or even individual Lorentz Droids who are built for interstellar travel. Elites are variously aloof, and possessing abilities that border on the supernatural. This has lead to most speculation concluding that while the Elites may be biological in origin, they supplement their bodies with advanced technology.

The Nations of Man

Despite the efforts of the Solar Republic, humanity is still split into separate nations. The three major groupings are described below.

The Solar Republic believes it is the pinnacle of civilisation. All other societies past and present have descended into darkness and inevitable extinction. The Republic is the light that will lead humanity into a new age. Its capital is Earth, the ancient birthplace of humanity in orbit of the Sol Invictus.

Ostensibly a peaceful nation, the Republic guards its borders with a vast military force. It trades both internally and externally but only when negotiations with neighbouring civilisations have gone well; so supplies and information from outside the Republic can sometimes be hard to come by.

There are multiple factions and cultures within the Solar Republic. The most prominent of these are the Earthlings, the Goths, the Phenari and the Rosenites.

The Solar Republic calls its people the “Solarians”, or sometimes the “Solarii”. Its people refer to the Solar Republic as simply “the Republic”.

The Sepharim Republic is a smalle group of worlds whose economy revolves around their well-armed merchant navy. They exist to trade and they are very good at it. In addition, the Sepharim (their word for both their nation and their people) have developed a reputation for amazing works of fine art, which they are often willing to sell to you for the right price.

Other small groups of Independent Worlds and Minor Civilisations exist throughout known space; with their borders and numbers changing on a regular basis. The remnants of ancient, once-great civilisations can sometimes be found clinging to life on the barren moons in Independent territory; which makes these worlds a prime target for pirates, looters and archaeologists from the larger Republics.

The Cultures of the Solar Republic

There are many cultures within the Solar Republic, reflecting the nation’s status as the “great unioniser” of humankind. The most prominent of these cultures are described below.

The Earthlings are those who live on or are directly descended from the Earth. Earthlings have a colossal amount of history that has developed their culture into something deep, rich and celebrated throughout the Republic. Theirs is the most common culture encountered within Republic space and sometimes this results in problems for others.

Claims of “Earthocentrism” or “Earthernormativity” have been on the rise in the past few decades and descendants of the other cultures have been known to create social disturbances in the name of equality.

The Goths are a small but very prominent culture within the Solar Republic. Their home world of Golgotha was annexed during the second wave of expansion of the Empire of Man, a precursor society to the Solar Republic, in the early 73rd century. The liberation of Golgothan territory in 7386 is often regarded as the primary reason for the collapse of the Empire of Man.

The Gothic War of 7961 – 7997, during which Golgotha attempted to secede from the Solar Republic, was a bloody one. The War is the primary reason why both Goths and Lorentz Droids (the primary species of Gothic society) in general are widely mistrusted and discriminated against within the Republic.

Goths have a unique naming convention amongst republic societies. Their names come in [Family Head] [Given Name] [Family Name] format. For Sgt Captain Faith Sorrell Canlin’s given name is Sorrell and she is part of the Canlin family. The head of the Canlin family at the time of her birth was Koreias Faith Canlin, so Sorrell takes the Family Head name “Faith”. Gothic families are arranged into Houses, some of which are more prominent in Gothic society than others, although after Golgotha fell to the Empire of Man the influence of the Houses has waned to near insignificance.

The Phenari are a group of primarily biologicals who enhanced themselves using animal DNA. While this began as a fashion statement during the late period of Cerbean civilisation (approximately 5450 to approximately 5700 although archaeologists debate the exact date of that civilisation’s collapse), the permanent nature of the genetic changes coupled with millennia of further tinkering has created a vast and multi-layered culture that is uniquely Phenari.

The Rosenites are the original followers of Deborah Rosen, plus their clones, direct descendants and assorted others who merged into Rosenite society over the centuries. Deborah Rosen was the ancient scientist who discovered the method by which brain patterns can be recreated in a computer. Widely regarded as The Mother of Immortality, Rosen’s virtual clone was the first  digital human granted full status as a human despite having no organic or physical form.

She and her descendants, the Open Citizens, live on in virtual realities created and stored in planet computers. Some also live amongst the other species of humanity within Republic society, although this is rare. Rosenites are not the only form of Open Citizen but they are the most common.

Alien Societies

The Trevanni are a stagnant group of time-active creatures that control a vestigial empire of worlds on the outer edges of Republic space. Their elites spend all their time re-writing their own history in a petty attempt for each of the ruling clans to wipe one-another out; while their lesser families try to hold the empire together and stop it collapsing under the weight of multiple paradoxes.

The Camue (pronounced “Cam-way”) are a group of sentient computer programs that act less like people and more like a virus. They spread across the universe, infecting other creatures and technology that they come across and turning them into the seed material to grow new Camue. They have an intelligence of sortys but it’s not at all well understood by Humans.

“Species Minor” is an umbrella term for the less-developed and barely-sentient alien species encountered by humans during their exploration of the galaxy. Anything with a rudimentary IQ is classed as “species, minor” in Republic databases and the term has been absorbed into common parlance.